Czech Yoga Sport Cup 2018 – June 16th 2018

This June the Czech Sport Yoga Club in association with Bikram Yoga Prague are hosting another Czech Yoga Sport Cup. The event takes place under the patronage of the IYSF (International Yoga Sport Federation) whose main effort is to develop Yoga Sports into an official Olympic Sport.

Througglo-345h the competition in yoga we intend to inspire and stimulate the general public that yoga improves the lifestyle and health of today’s society.  Until now, yoga has been perceived by the public solely as a philosophical discipline. That is why the mediation of this unusual sport concept began to arouse great excitement.

The main objective of organizing a yoga championship is to promote yoga as a sporting event rather than just a spiritual matter for only enlightened and educated yogis.kyha-249
The inclusion of yoga into the sport category will significantly affect the public´s perception of yoga and help integrate it within the common sports. The physical and mental benefits of yoga can be easily accessible to children, teenagers, adults, seniors and importantly to physically, disabled people.